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Railbird and The Rex Complex Coming to Wonderroot

Railbird is musically reminiscent of early Ani Difranco, Regina Spektor, Bjork and Dirty Projectors, but front woman Sarah Pedinotti transcends all possible comparisons with her positively unique tone, composition, and style that utilizes jazz, blues, soul, folk, and pop. Railbird melds these sounds into lush, texture-filled music that at times gets creepy, pretty, dreamy, and stays interesting throughout.

Railbird is coming to Wonderroot on Tuesday, March 22 with their New Yorker partners in crime, The Rex Complex. The band self-describes its sound as “Roots Ruckus” with the intent to strike notions of “hip hop-tinged beats, joyous screaming, rock guitar, distortion-laden accordion and the odd crashing metal bucket or beer keg.” They’re sound is endowed with afro beats, experimental rock, and a heightened tribal-like energy.

Railbird and The Rex Complex have been touring extensively from Brooklyn down to Austin and back up the east coast. This is a great chance to see a couple of intriguing NY bands for just $5. Super bonus: Satellite District and Pocket the Moon are playing too.