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Jeffrey Butzer: New line-up, new stage show

Jeffrey Butzer will be performing in Atlanta on March 18 at The Earl for the first time since last September. Early this year, Butzer joined West End Motel and Fiend Without a Face, both side projects of Mastadon’s Brent Hinds, out on a west coast tour. Butzer’s solo act opened up the shows on tour, and he candidly revealed many “little secrets” in his tour journal, which you can read on the Picaflor Studio blog. There is some awesome hilarity in there, like the stuff he shouts out to Patrick Stewart in the bathroom of an L.A. club during an Andrew Bird show. And you can find out why Butzer was given the nickname Bette Midler on tour.

Butzer has also been busy playing with longtime friend and fellow musician, Claire Lodge in her band, The Compartmentalizationalists. Since she moved back to England, Butzer has picked back up with a new line-up for his band, The Bicycle Eaters, and a new stage show planned, complete with props and a projector.

Without revealing too much, Butzer describes the new live setup and explains the inspiration behind the chosen visual expression:

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It’s a Jungol Out There!

If you could harness the energy of a star, and let it explode through sound – well, then you’ve got Jungol.

Jungol is releasing a single on Saturday, February 26, the same day that they play The Earl with Sun Domingo and Virginia’s The Influence. They released Over the Sun and Under the Radar just last year and are already working on a new album. The first single, “Who’s in bed?” will be available for free download on the band’s website. What!? Who’s in bed? This might be one of those Usher confessional things. Juicy!

They are also releasing a DVD of their sold out performance at The Earl last April. No details yet on the release, but here’s a snippet to get your blood pumping.

The Chosen Ones: February 5-9, 2011

Saturday, February 5 – Dodekapus Presents: I Can Dream All Day, Art Show at Relapse Theatre 200 Permalume Place NW, Atlanta, GA, 30318

Though not a music event, the Dodekapus Art Collective event, I Can Dream All Day brings imagination and creativity to the forefront, while also raising funds and awareness for some worthy humanitarian efforts. The art show, Saturday, February 5, takes place in the warehouse of the wonderful Relapse Theatre, where the group of collaborative artists will offer “a wild and experimental journey through the land of dreams and nightmares with magical performances, pillow fights, mysterious potions, and extravagant displays of the imagination.”

The experience gets started at 8pm and is only $5, unless you bring a canned food item for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, in which case your entry drops to $3. A silent auction of artwork created by a group of kids at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta will also be running throughout the evening, with proceeds going back to this top-notch non-profit institution. The artwork being auctioned off was made during Dodekapus’ visit to the Children’s hospital in December, when the collective threw an art party for these kids, helping them visually depict their hopes and dreams.

Saturday February 5 -

The Booze, The Forty-Fives, Shovels and Rope @ The Earl, $7 21+

Charges, Five Eight, Star Fighter, Baby Baby @ 529, $5 21+

The Queers, The Apers, Posey and The Party Pirates @ Star Bar $10 21+

Stokeswood, Crane, The Brotherland @ Vinyl $10

Monday, February 7 –

Siamese Twins, Vegan Coke, The Bums @ 529 FREE 21+

Nerdkween, Clint Bussey (of Before the Solstice) @ Carroll Street Cafe FREE, All ages Presented by Rock Science

Tuesday, February 8 –

Wild Nothing, Abe Vigoda, Roman Photos @ Drunken Unicorn $10 21+

Wednesday, February 9 –

OK Productions and Tight Bros Present: Free Energy, The Postelles, Turf War  @ The Earl $10 21+

Knaves Grave, The Clap, Ghost Bikini, The Husseins @ Star Bar $3 21+

Mice in Cars, New Terminus, Waking the Bates @ Eastside Lounge $5 21+

The Chosen Ones: January 4-7, 2011

Friday, January 7 – Attention System, Siberia My Sweet, Brenn @ The Drunken Unicorn

The first weekend of the new year brings some pretty stellar shows. Among them is this little treat at The Drunken Unicorn, featuring the electro-rock of Attention System, Siberia My Sweet, and a great little band from Nashville called Brenn. They came through Atlanta a few months ago to play at Lenny’s, only to turn around and go back home, because the place had no electricity that night. I’m sure this night will make up for that! $7, 21+ Doors @ 9 pm

Friday, January 7 – Ohmpark’s 4th Year Anniversary Party w/ From Exile, Jungol, This Piano Plays Itself, Nigredo, Qurious @ The Earl

The Atlanta music blog, Ohmpark has been kicking it for 4 years now, which is more than most blogs can boast. To celebrate, Ohmpark founder, Davy Minor has enlisted the help of a few of his favorite local bands for a rare night of amazing music! Get there early, it’s your best bet!  8pm, $5, 21+

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LIVE REVIEW: Dropsonic – Hawks

There is one word to sum up Dropsonic’s performance at the Earl: perfection. This was not your mellow indie rock or psychedelic, distorted-trip concoction, it was pure rock perfection in the vein of Queens of the Stone Age if Thom Yorke took the mic. Dropsonic took the stage last, after Hawks demolished the venue with an insane flurry of heavy, no-nonsense rock and the singer’s nude escapade through the audience. You would think that a set like the one Hawks presented would be hard to top, but the energy and intensity of Dropsonic commanded our attention, even after the shock of booty and balls.

Dropsonic started off the set with “Low Life,” off their latest album, and front man Dan Dixon did not disappoint as he tore up every inch of the fretboard with impressive and extreme, technical skill. Though the technical side shined, it never overshadowed the shear, raw musicality of the trio. David Chase is simply sick on the bass and the band wisely highlighted his remarkable lines with a few rounds of solos among their set. As I listened, I came to fully understand why the band sticks to just three members; there is not a thing to add to the complicated rhythms and genuine camaraderie that these guys display. Dropsonic graced us with nine new songs and though the content was fresh, the band was tight and never a beat off in their delivery.

It’s a wonder that Dropsonic isn’t recognized among rock stars with similar emissions, such as Tool, the Von Bondies or the White Stripes. The songs were perfectly executed by three guys that seemed blissfully connected to their respective instruments, while they rocked the hell out of a room full of mesmerized guests. Dropsonic gave us a dose of what rock should be: laced in frenzy, non-pretentious and utterly mind-blowing.


Photographer: Gail Fountain

The Earl
East Atlanta, GA

Dec. 4, 2009
By: Nadia Lelutiu
January 2010