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Artist Spotlight: Dead Rabbits

Taking a cue from The Ramones, Dead Rabbits strive to keep their music simple and honest. In the short time that this Atlanta-based rock duo has been together, they have garnered multiple comparisons to big names in music, including Led Zeppelin, The White Stripes, and The Black Keys. Dead Rabbits play bluesy garage rock with noticeable classic rock overtones, as evidenced in the standout track “Freedom” from their album The Rabbit That Roared. The hooks and raw energy transmitted by vocalist/guitarist Joshua DeRosa on this track are genuine and fervent, while drummer Lucas Fuentes explodes concisely alongside, giving the song no room to exist as an artifact of influence.

Though DeRosa and Fuentes have played together for years in other bands, Continue reading “Artist Spotlight: Dead Rabbits” »

Record Review: Sharon Van Etten ‘Epic’

Many songwriters find their inspiration through heartbreak, loss, and love, but few translate it into song as powerfully as Sharon Van Etten does on Epic. Etten manages to add warmth to pain while she sings with honesty and fervor. The album is seductively somber, giving you a sense that even as her tears well, her tenacity is unwavering.

In contrast to her debut album, Because I Was In Love, Etten presents embellished dimensions to the songs on Epic. Besides the opening track, “Crime,” which features only her voice and guitar, the rest of the album offers fuller arrangements, creating atmosphere with prominent drums, keys, lap steel, and the lush harmonium. Etten collaborated with Continue reading “Record Review: Sharon Van Etten ‘Epic’” »

Record Review: The Posies ‘Blood/Candy’

It’s been 20 years since The Posies began, during the explosion of the Seattle scene. While The Posies didn’t attain the popularity of Nirvana, and they’ve split and reunited on several occasions, fortunately, the realization of their seventh album, Blood/Candy has finally come to fruition.

The Posies deliver a memorable sound, sweetened by stunning vocal harmonies and intricate melodies that switch around in style and sound, rendering a Continue reading “Record Review: The Posies ‘Blood/Candy’” »