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Strange Daze Festival this Saturday.That’s what’s up.

Yo, yo, yo! It’s been a while.

This year marks year 3 for the Strange Daze Music and Arts Festival. Just a toddler, but toddlers start to get really interesting. So, this is a great age and this year’s festival reflects a renewed focus pertaining to this gratifying, diverse, and saturated music scene of ours in Atlanta. Wait! Listen to this while you read:

Strange Daze Festival 2011 by themoonandpluto

This year, I put together a group of bands that really caught my attention throughout 2011. As it goes, these bands fall into several genres, including indie rock, hip hop, blues, experimental, psychedelic, metal, garage rock, and some cross-germinate.

Initially, it was going to be another 2-day fest, but then I nixed that idea. This year was going to be one big party on one fine night. What better place to throw a party than in the cozy quarters of the Old Fourth Ward?

The energy is so right at Noni’s and The Music Room. In a lot of ways, it feels like Lenny’s used to feel…meaning, anything goes. And anything shall go this year at Strange Daze! Especially considering the line-up:

Sneaky Hand, A.Grimes, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children, Order of the Owl, Nomen Novum, Eudora June, New Terminus, Big Heed and Alien, Opposing Suns, Mind Creatures, Curio Museum, and Corner Kid, who is making his much anticipated debut performance at Strange Daze.

There are a few more details, courtesy of Latest Disgrace, if you’re interested in some Strange Daze highlights.

It is free to attend Strange Daze. We just ask you to bring the zeal and the zest. The bartenders will handle the rest.



Atlanta Music Writers Roundtable 2010 Present Year-End Best

In anticipation of 2010 ending and the eventual “Best of” lists that come out, a handful of local music bloggers were invited by the creator of Little Advances to participate in a collective discussion of the best in music this year. What ensued was an email thread of our responses to a few questions that we agreed upon before getting started.

The other bloggers involved in this roundtable  are:

Denton from Little Advances
Rube from Atlanta’s A-List

Chuck from Dead Journalist
Moe from Latest Disgrace
Emily from Wholly Roller
Tim from I’m a Bear! Etc
Davy from Ohmpark

We each responded to a series of questions:

1. General discussion of the “Best of” music for the year, nationally and locally
2. Best live shows of 2010
3. Predictions of breakout artists in 2011
4. Lightning Round: one response from each blogger to a series of poll-like questions.

We’ve decided on a schedule to post each blogger’s response to each question. The responses for the first question will post on Monday 12/20, followed by #2 on Tuesday, #3 on Wednesday, and #4 on Thursday. Two bloggers will host a series of the responses on each day.

Atlanta Music Writers Roundtable 2010 Schedule:

Monday 12/20 – Wholly Roller and Ohmpark

Tuesday 12/21 – Latest Disgrace and Atlanta’s A-List

Wednesday 12/22 – Little Advances and I’m a Bear! Etc

Thursday 12/23 – Dead Journalist and The Moon and Pluto

It has been a blast getting together with these great writers and awesome folks for some mindshare! For me, it’s a great ending to this pretty great year in Atlanta music.