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Atlanta Sound Garden: Mix 3 The Female Voice

This edition of Atlanta Sound Garden is dedicated to the female voice of Atlanta music. The song selections feature female vocalists in tropical indie, ambient pop, punk-tinged experimental metal, and electronic dance.

Adron accomplishes a lush layering of chimerical atmosphere, including bird whistles, waves, and other textures, on “Timid Young Ones,” with her rich, intoxicating voice soaring above it all. Her latest release, Burdwurld is a five song escapade into enchantment and down rabbit holes. Download it for free from her website. http://adron.muxtape.com/

Vocalist, Lindsey Harbour, of Thy Mighty Contract, has the rare ability to sound sweet and sick, in the same song. I adore “Two Cities” for the deceitful bounciness at the start of the track, which soon gives way to quick, erratic drumming that leads into the angst-ridden screams of Harbour, who bleeds out with no remorse, over raging guitars, before the melody finds its way back. Get their self-titled album for free on BandCamp.

Atlanta Sound Garden: Mix 3 The Female Voice by themoonandpluto

The undertone of Nerdkween‘s song,”Let Me Go,” from Profitandloss, is equally melancholy and grievous, even as the lighthearted melody might suggest serenity, especially since Monica Arrington’s voice could soothe the grumpiest among us. The instrumentation on the track is minimal, featuring only a guitar and distant tambourine, heightening the magnificence of the vocals. Nerdkween will be playing at Carroll Street Cafe on Monday, February 7.

La Chansons recently released a remix of “X Marks The Spot” off their 2010 album, King and Queen of the Dance Floor via Stickfigure Recordings. Carson Keller seductively shapes the melody on the remix, called “Read the Map,” as the electronic beats and loops create a dismal  and penetrating dance track. Between the groove and sway of the rhythm and Carson’s enticing voice, you’ll be having fun.

“Tall Shoulders” is an airy little track from Lille, off of the 2010 debut release by the same name via Whale Heart Records. With sparse keyboard tinkles accentuating a mellow ukulele, Grace Bellury concocts a daydream in which her stunning crooning guides you deeper into tranquility. Having recently opened up for The Dresden Dolls at The Buckhead Theatre, Lille is set to mesmerize beyond the local sphere.

Nadia Lelutiu

The Chosen Ones – November 24-28, 2010

Wednesday, November 24 – Pink Pompeii, La Chansons, Apollo Gold @ The Drunken Unicorn $5, 21+ 9pm

Pink Pompeii is a fun electronic dance/rock trio that bring beauty to the beats through lush female vocals and the frequent sounds of cello. Can’t think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving Eve! Joining them are the hubby/wife duo, La Chansons that bring on the synth-laden dance pop rock so that you can get your dance on!

Saturday, November 27 – Nerdkween CD Release w/ Parallel Poke and Richard Parsons @ The Highland Inn Ballroom $8, 21+ 9pm

The enigmatic and talented Nerdkween will be releasing her second album, Profitandloss, which features gorgeous vocals over ambient experimentation with electronics and instruments. Price of admission also gets you the brand, new, shiny album!

Richard Parsons will be opening up with his impressive, organically layered tunes that pack an emotional punch through solid, soulful songwriting.

Saturday, November 27 – Swine Song Presents: Wake of the Titan, The Humboldt Trio, The Common Axes @ The Drunken Unicorn $6, 21+ 9pm

Wake of the Titan is an incredibly impressive band. The trio is made up of trained musicians that live and breath through their instruments, even giving the illusion that body and instrument have become one on stage.

They sound a bit like Muse and a bit like Nine Inch Nails, but Wake of the Titan will wow you in their own way with their spacey rock and symbolic lyrical imagery. And don’t be shy about talking to them, they are some of the nicest guys on the planet.

Joining them are the spectacular instrumentalists, The Humboldt Trio and The Common Axes, that have dubbed their genre of music as “ghost rock.” I’m intrigued.

Honorable Mention:The Stuffing w/ Manchester Orchestra, Death on Two Wheels, O’Brother, Dead Confederate and more @ The Center Stage Complex

This show is sold out, but I guess you can see why. Put on by Atlanta label, Favorite Gentlemen, this showcase of rock will take place throughout the Center Stage Complex on Wednesday, November 24.


Wednesday, November 24 -

The Whynatte Two Year Anniversary Party w/ The Constellations and Vonnegutt @ Smiths Olde Bar

Hollow Stars, Lyonnais @ 529 $5

Faithless Town, Dirty Pollyanna, The Tips @ The Earl $7

Spindrift, Ocha La Rocha, Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters @ The Star Bar

Thursday, November 25 TURKEY DAY -

Thanksgiving Death Disco @ 529 FREE, 21+, 9pm

The Gaye Blades, Predator, Barreracudas @ The Earl $7

Friday, November 25 -

Minus the Bear, Tristen @ The Masaqerade $20 Heaven 8pm

Laserbeam Kitty w/ The Falcon Lords, Cousin Dan, DJ Keith Evans @ The Highland Inn Ballroom $5 21+

FREE ACID: The Ruination, Dr.Conspiracy and Drumz of Def, DT, A.Grimes, DJs @ 529

Black Friday w/ TayO, R_Garcia, Reklein, Social Espionage @ Mint Gallery 9pm

ATL Dubsteb presents: Borgore w/ Judi Chicago, Ployd, Shortstack @ King Plow Arts Center 18+

Saturday, November 27 -

Vegan Coke, Qurious, Free Ticket, The Deem Team @ Java Lords FREE

Night Driving in Small Towns, What Happened to Your Fire Tiger, Mice in Cars, Starfighter @ 529 9pm, $5, 21+

The Booze, The Biters, Non Believers, Customers @ The Star Bar $5, 21+

Benefit for Billy Fields w/ The El Caminos, Tiger! Tiger!, AM Gold, The Seventh Ring of Saturn, Pink Pompeii, The Fingers @ The Earl $10