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ATL Yeah! Compilation and SXSW Party

Favorite Gentlemen is gearing up for SXSW with a party and a compilation of Atlanta music that kicks the shit out of any other Atlanta compilation album out there right now. There are 2 reasons for this: 40 great bands are included and Favorite Gentlemen asked many Atlanta music bloggers, promoters, and labels to contribute to the final selections. The result is a sampling of a diverse group of Atlanta artists alongside Favorite Gentlemen’s own roster of talent.

The Moon and Pluto is proud to have been included in the bunch asked for artist suggestions for this exciting compilation. We chose Jungol and Damon Moon and The Whispering Drifters, for all you dying to know.

The compilation is called ATL Yeah! and you can get it at http://atlyeah.com/

Tracks included from the following artists:

01. All Night Drug Prowling Wolves
02. Balkans
03. Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun
04. Young Orchids
05. Mermaids
06. Sealions
07. Turf War
08. Baby Baby
09. Gobotron
10. Small Reactions
11. Oryx And Crake
12. Alaska Him Nicely
13. Blair Crimmins and The Hookers
14. Luna Versus You
15. The Head
16. Trances Arc
17. Carnivores
18. Jungol
19. Death On Two Wheels
20. The Back Pockets
21. Right Away, Great Captain!
22. Damon Moon and The Whispering Drifters
23. Roman Photos
24. O’Brother
25. Sorry No Ferrari
26. Author’ s Apology
27. Stadiums
28. Asherel
29. Gin House
30. Harken The Hands Askew
31. Mood Rings
32. Highschool Sweetheart
33. Nerdkween
34. Attention System
35. Vonnegutt
36. Ben Trickey
37. This Piano Plays Itself
38. Kyle Lucas
39. Social Studies
40. Bad Books

Download this collection while it’s available! And if you’re heading to Austin, stop by the ATL Yeah! day party on March 18 at Red Fez to hear Mermaids, Turf War, Mood Rings, Death on Two Wheels, Carnivores, Trances Arc, The Head, Sealions, and Oryx and Crake. The party is also a collaborative effort of Favorite Gentlemen’s with a bunch of Atlanta music entities, including 4th Ward Heroes, Purge Atl, and Criminal Records.

March Music Magnificence in Atlanta!

I’m excited about March Shows! Atlanta really has some awesome shows happening all the time, but I’m pretty excited about March this year. Here’s the rundown of the live music I’m most excited about:

Ice Cube is playing at Center Stage on March 5 with Killer Mike and DJ Cash. Is this thing not sold out yet? Ice Cube invokes nostalgia in my heart – Boyz n the Hood, “It Was a Good Day,” “Check Yo Self,” Friday…I love it! I just don’t think about Anaconda.

SXSW Kickoff Party w/ Abby Gogo, Back Pockets, Reptar, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children, Milagres, Transvestites, and Boom Chick @ Star Bar on Thursday, March 10 and it’s Free!

Pretty Ambitious Records and PurgeAtl have a kickass kickoff party for all of us in Atlanta before they take it out to Austin on 3/17 at Clive Bar for SXSW. The SXSW line-up is a little different than the one we’ll get at Star Bar, featuring Chicago-based Light Pollution as the headliner with Atlanta support from Mermaids, Turf War, Abby gogo, Sealions, Little Tybee, Back Pockets, Transvestite. Check out their music sampler for a taste of each of these yum-yums.

OK Productions brings Tennis and Say Hi to The Earl on Friday, March 11. I’ve been looking forward to this since I interviewed Eric Elbogen for Performer Magzine a few months ago. The feature came out last month. If you’re interested in an interesting musician, you can check it out here. I wonder if the band has stuck it through thus far on the Say Hi tour? Anywho, La Sera from L.A. and Blair from Brooklyn will also be performing on this evening. $10 for that much goodness is a total steal.

I know that Saturday, March 12 presents a problem for many live music goers in Atlanta. There’s Toro Y Moi with Cloud Nothings at Drunken Unicorn, Wild Flag with Shannon Wright at The Earl, The Booze and The Biters simultaneous record release party at Star Bar, or Nash Smith & Ganges, Nerdkween, and Night Driving in Small Towns at Wonderroot, but I hold onto tix to Continue reading “March Music Magnificence in Atlanta!” »

“Who’s in Bed” Single From Jungol

It’s a Jungol Out There!

If you could harness the energy of a star, and let it explode through sound – well, then you’ve got Jungol.

Jungol is releasing a single on Saturday, February 26, the same day that they play The Earl with Sun Domingo and Virginia’s The Influence. They released Over the Sun and Under the Radar just last year and are already working on a new album. The first single, “Who’s in bed?” will be available for free download on the band’s website. What!? Who’s in bed? This might be one of those Usher confessional things. Juicy!

They are also releasing a DVD of their sold out performance at The Earl last April. No details yet on the release, but here’s a snippet to get your blood pumping.

The Chosen Ones: January 4-7, 2011

Friday, January 7 – Attention System, Siberia My Sweet, Brenn @ The Drunken Unicorn

The first weekend of the new year brings some pretty stellar shows. Among them is this little treat at The Drunken Unicorn, featuring the electro-rock of Attention System, Siberia My Sweet, and a great little band from Nashville called Brenn. They came through Atlanta a few months ago to play at Lenny’s, only to turn around and go back home, because the place had no electricity that night. I’m sure this night will make up for that! $7, 21+ Doors @ 9 pm

Friday, January 7 – Ohmpark’s 4th Year Anniversary Party w/ From Exile, Jungol, This Piano Plays Itself, Nigredo, Qurious @ The Earl

The Atlanta music blog, Ohmpark has been kicking it for 4 years now, which is more than most blogs can boast. To celebrate, Ohmpark founder, Davy Minor has enlisted the help of a few of his favorite local bands for a rare night of amazing music! Get there early, it’s your best bet!  8pm, $5, 21+

Also great: Continue reading “The Chosen Ones: January 4-7, 2011” »

The Chosen Ones – October 29-31, 2010

There are so many great events lined up for this Halloween weekend, so it only makes sense to focus on the best of what these three days will offer in terms of local music in Atlanta.

Friday, October 29 – Halloween Laserbeam Kitty @ The Highland Inn Ballroom

Laserbeam Kitty has been throwing their indie-dance-electro-rock-art parties for almost a year now. Each monthly event features electronic rock acts from Atlanta and beyond along with live art, photo booth, costumes, light shows, and cheap Asahi beer! The Halloween show features all of this within a Halloween theme, including a Voodoo Burlesque performance by Minette Magnifique. Panther God and Le Sexoflex, will join LBK hosts Sonen, providing the dance-rock for the night, followed by a DJ dance party courtesy of Brian Parris and Keith Evans. Definitely check out the photos on Laserbeam Kitty’s site for a taste of what you’ll encounter!
Friday, October 29 – Dropsonic VI Album Release Show @ The Star Bar

Dropsonic is, without a doubt, one of the best rock bands to come out of Atlanta. They have completed their sixth album and the release show will be at The Star Bar this Friday. They are offering the album on vinyl, disc, on ITunes and their record label’s site.

The Letters Organize and A:The Color will be opening up, ensuring a rocking, non-pretentious night of music!


Saturday, October 30 – Haunted Ballroom w/Jungol, Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun, This Piano Plays Itself @ The Highland Inn Ballroom

This is the place to be Saturday night! A masked ball requires you wear your costume and this show provides some intrigue based on a series of promotional videos that Jungol has released in anticipation of the event. The music is focused on the exquisite experimental rock of Jungol, the electro-dance tunes from Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun, and the atmospheric noise rock of This Piano Plays Itself. Each of these bands have been making waves in and outside of Atlanta, so catch them in this intimate setting while you can!


Friday, October 29 – I.O.Z., The Apostles, Operation Experimentation @ Vinyl $10, 18+

Saturday, October 30 – These Sylvan Hills, Dylan Gilbert, Nerdkween, At Night @ Wonderroot

Saturday, October 30 – Fresh and Onlys, Royal Baths, Mermaids (CD Release) @ 529 FREE, 21+

Saturday, October 30 – Groove Stain Halloween Bash @ Lenny’s (Costume Party)

Saturday, October 30 – Seven Deadly Sins w/ So So Death, Odist, Pattycakes, J-Dugan @ Eastside Lounge

Sunday, October 31 – The Earl’s Halloween Bash w/ Fiend Without a Face, West End Motel (Tom Cheshire & Brent Hinds), Walk From the Gallows @ The Earl

Sunday, October 31 – Judi Chicago, Gentlemen Jesse and His Men, Mathis Hunter @ Whirlyball Atlanta (Roswell)

FEATURE: Jungol - Beating A Path Through The Wild Scene

THERE ARE BANDS THAT FIND THEIR NICHE in the local music scene, and then there are bands that create one of their own. Jungol is an example o the latter, having forged their own path in Atlanta and beyond. Since the inception of Jungol ten years ago, the band has steadily created a buzz by consistently making solid music that garnered the attention through word of mouth, gleaned acknowledgement and attracted a strong, devoted fanbase. With an impressive following, including many of the fellow musicians in the city, Jungol’s reputation grew organically.

Much of the respect for Jungol by the Atlanta music community comes from the sheer originality of their songwriting, as well as their impressive technically-skilled experimental style. All this is created by only three men through a variety of instruments, including drums, guitars, bass, synth, keyboards, synth bass, glockenspiel, and live samples. The guys are grateful for the support they’ve received from fans and other musicians, saying, “It certainly is humbling to have the support of our musical peers there at the shows. Supporting local music is a really important thing to us. The scene is full of so many talented people and we’ve been fortunate enough to have formed some amazing friendships with a lot of the bands in Atlanta.

We’ve never really taken too long of a break since we’ve started and think that’s shown people that we aren’t going away.” The group, including brothers Josh (bass, lead vox, synth, keys, guitar) and Graham (guitar, vocals, sampler) Yoder and Jason Monseur (drums, percussion) have become an influential musical entity in Atlanta, even after averting any one niche, mostly by embracing the movement of their sound in compelling new directions and placing attention on both unconventional, electronic sounds, as well as raw, simplistic elements. Though the band has never been able to fit in with any specific music scene, they see a common thread between their sound and that found in the current wave of indie music. Emphasizing the trend of electronic elements in newer music, Jungol explains, “There is the electronic aspect of our music that I feel is a real prevalent thing these days with indie music. Actually, music in all scenes and genres, pop or not are embracing electronic music in new ways. There’s also a whole new wave of bands out to make people dance. That has always been something that has underlined what we do as well. Funk music is the real backbone to what we do. And it’s great seeing bands explore dance music in new ways. Other than the electronic element, I’m not sure where we fit exactly.”

Jungol’s sound is drawn from various eclectic musical influences, as well as inspired by films. Growing up in the 90s, the guys were heavily influenced by the music of that time, including Primus and Red Hot Chili Peppers, as well as music outside of that generation, such as P-Funk, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa and King Crimson. More current influences include St. Vincent, David Bowie’s Outside, Fever Ray, John Kaada, Animal Collective, Mike Patton, Squarepusher, Prefuse 73, Erykah Badu, and of course Bjork. Josh likens musical influences to a crush on a girl, stating “Everything we get into seems to influence our musical direction in some way. It’s just hard for us not to be affected. Discovering something new and exciting is like meeting an amazingly beautiful and clever girl for the first time. I just feel compelled to want to know everything I can about her. That discovery of new music is always inspirational within itself.” Josh describes the inspiration he also finds through films. Bladerunner along with the works of David Lynch have directly influenced the songs on their newest album. According to Josh, “[David Lynch] movies have always been a sort of portal back into my dreams. I love how Lynch can evoke such deranged and intense emotions from one simple scene. I guess I wish I could just do the same with a song.”

The realization of the newest album, Over the Sun and Under the Radar, came after having lost fellow band member Zack Varner last year. The release of their last album, Places, marked the last time the band would include Varner, and without getting used to playing as a three-piece, the band hit the road touring in support of Places. Of taking off on tour with no transition, Jungol says, “Getting thrown into that situation so quickly was really the best thing for us. The reality of becoming a three piece actually wasn’t too foreign to us. Josh and I had played that way all throughout high school with different drummers. And Jason has been with us for nearly 6 years, so our musical bond was stronger than ever. Our sound definitely changed when Zack left the band, but it was something we were ready to embrace. All in all we are a band who embraces change and we thrive off the struggle it might bring.” It was on tour that year that most of the songs from their 2010 release, Over the Sun and Under the Radar (OTSAUTR) were written.

The title of the new album “refers to the idea of reaching out beyond your limitations while trying to remain honest in your actions,” divulges Josh. The theme of the record revolves around leading double lives, schizophrenia, as well as the energy of progress and change. Jungol elaborates, “There’s actually a loose story that runs throughout the album. I’m not going to get detailed at all about it because that’s just one perspective. I’d prefer people to connect the dots in their own way and paint their own pictures of the songs in their heads. At the core, it’s just a classic good vs. evil story.” The band clarifies on the concept of inevitable change, “That’s something that’s hard for us to escape, since we are sort of obsessed with the creative process and the idea of always trying to move forward. It just seems pointless and almost rude to have the gift of making music but not embracing the creative process to its fullest. I’d hate to stay in one place and just repeat myself over and over again.”

Over the Sun and Under the Radar deviates from the prog-like, complex note arrangements on Places. An electronic essence was merely touched upon on the last album, whereas OTSAUTR is heavily influenced by electronic music, and the band’s focus shifts to emphasizing vocal melodies, texture, and unconventional sounds. Describing the evolution of the band’s sound since 2009′s Places, Jungol reveals, “We still love incorporating odd time signatures and unconventional arrangements but it’s just become more interesting to simplify certain elements and allow the raw emotion of the songs to really shine through.” Graham created samples of car keys, birds, water and other ambient sounds to work into sections of the album.

You won’t find any real strings, piano, or horns on OTSAUTR, and instead of using a real bass, many of the songs feature Josh on the synth bass. Josh commented on the new dynamic in the band, which led to the fresh sound on the new record, “I’ve gotten really into using synth bass and nasty unconventional synth sounds instead of a real bass. I’m also doing double duty on some tunes, playing keys while playing real bass. Graham also has double duty these days, incorporating a sampler into several songs. This change in roles has really opened up a lot of doors for us, and at this point we feel incredibly comfortable getting all of these different sounds out there as a three-piece.”

This year, the band hopes to leave behind their DIY style of functioning as they search for a good fit in the industry. The band is set to hit the road again in support of OTSAUTR, and this tour will add to the four east coast tours and one tour out to California already under their belt.

“We are really pumped about the new visual ideas for the upcoming tour. We have a really good relationship with our audience, some people dance their asses off, and some people just take in the sights and sounds. I have seen some folks mosh, too. I think everyone can have a unique experience. We just feel very blessed that our music is connecting with people and that people feel free to enjoy it however they want.”


Photographer: Christy Parry

By: Nadia Lelutiu
June 2010