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Atlanta Sound Garden: Mix 2 – Unreleased Tracks From 3 Atlanta Bands

This week, Atlanta Sound Garden presents some new sounds from steadfast Atlanta artists.

Pink Pompeii will be releasing a new album in 2011 called De Rigeuer. The band includes members that were once in The Holland Dutch and an acoustic act called Da Dum. There are two major reasons I love Pink Pompeii; dance and cello. Listen to “Dark Cloud” to understand what I mean. The electronic dance groove is amplified by a cello gone mad! The band’s sound could easily be likened to Blondie, infused with Beethoven (both of which are cited as musical influences).

The second track comes from Damon Moon and The Whispering Drifters, who has released a new album this year called The Holy Noise, but the track featured here is actually from an EP set for release on January 28 called Snowed In Sessions. This will be an entire album of song renditions, of which I’ve been given Hank William’s “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” to share with you. The original version is barely recognizable, as Moon transforms the song with a dream-state intensity, chock-full of hazy reverb and disquietude. The band is currently set to go on tour (as usual), and will make Snowed In Sessions available for free download during the duration of their winter road trek. They start things off at The Drunken Unicorn on January 29.

Balkans will be releasing a full-length album in May of this year, but until then the band will be offering up a 7″ single featuring “Edita V” and a B-side, “Cave,” which will be available via Double Phantom Records on February 22. With garage/punk rock at their core, the track offers up the sound that made me once fall in love with Joy Division, while standing apart from comparison with their own crisp guitar hooks behind frantic and emotive vocals. The track is packed full of sound, with mesmerizing guitar interplay and a vicious snare drum pacing the manic nature of the melody. Just go ahead and set it on repeat.

Atlanta Sound Garden: Mix 2 by themoonandpluto

Dashboard Co-Op’s Art Exhibit and Music Show

Dashboard Co-Op, an Atlanta-based group that helps local artists find opportunities to show and sell their work, is throwing a party to celebrate a new group of artists, a new website, and quite possibly just for fun! The party will take place in the 10,000 square foot space at 999 Brady next to Miller Union on January 15.

The exhibition will feature visual art from Katy Malone, Jay Wiggins, Duncan Shirah, Johnathan Welsh, Patrick Flibotte, Johnathon Kelso, Sean Abrahams, Kombo Chapfika, and a performance by Helen Hale. Check out Dashboard‘s website for more details and photos of each artist’s work.

The musical guests are Fauxgerty, which includes members of Gringo Star and Washed Out, as well as Young Fates, which is a hodge-podge of members from The Back Pockets, The Carnivores, The Balkans and N.E.C.

Jan 15 at 999 Brady St.,
7pm to 1am.