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Photos/Video from Strange Daze Festival 2011

Corner Kid

Curio Museum

Eudora June

Nomen Novum

Opposing Suns

New Terminus

Sneaky Hand


Order of the Owl and Spirits and The Melchizedek Children


Order of the Owl and Spirits and The Melchizedek Children merge their set at Strange Daze Festival 2011 from Nadia Lelutiu on Vimeo.

The Chosen Ones: March 2-4, 2011

Wednesday, March 2 - Small Reactions, The North Trolls, A.Grimes @ The Earl

Some post-punk indie pop, a smack of punk rock, and a dose of psych-rock sounds good for a Wednesday night, so head to the Earl.

Here’s an interview with the intriguing A. Grimes.


Listen: Sudden Walks by Small Reactions

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Also on Wednesday, something a bit different for live music night at Eastside Lounge – Beautiful Little Fools with Daniel Clay and Little Horn for a night of organic, smooth indie rock. 9:30pm


Thursday, March 3 -

Triple D’s presents: Jacuzzi Boys w/ Predator & Wymyns Prysyn @ The Earl 8:30pm

Young Antiques, Author’s Apology, and Dark Owls @ The Highland Inn Ballroom 9pm

A: The Color, The Woodgrains, The Orkids, Stokeswood @ The Masquerade $8, 18+ Heaven

Dropsonic, The Terror (EP release) and Ghost Party @ The Star Bar FREE SHOW!

Friday, March 4 –

Six Shot Revival, Stonerider, Part Of The Problem @529

Team Luis Presents: Sealions, Lera Lynn (record release), Natalie Prass @ The Star Bar

Bright Eyes @ Variety Playhouse is sold out, so go to Picaflor Studio instead for:

Siberia My Sweet, Misfortune500,Tendaberry 9pm

Moon Beams on: A.Grimes

Here’s a band I hope doesn’t dissolve: A. Grimes – the sooty tones, the psych-experimentation, the murky vocals, the reverb and dingy ambiance, or as band leader, Britt Teusink denotes, “the art of being scum or a literal ‘Grimes’.” There may have never been a band name to so aptly embody the sound and essence of it’s members. These songs resurrect the 1970′s anarchist spirit in fresh form that melds feisty, natural, disorder,  primitive, and avant-garde.

Teusink started a band called White Light Forest Choir just a year or two ago, and that band parted ways last summer. He’s also been a guitarist in Back Pockets, but with their touring schedule and the focus on A. Grimes, he’s also said goodbye to them, admitting, “I’m still deeply in love with those gypsy art unicorns.” Hopefully, we won’t see the A. Grimes project perish, with the great potential it has even in the band’s infancy.

Malt Liquor Fantastrophe is the first EP from A. Grimes, recorded over the course of 5 days in Teusink’s basement. One could easily mistake  the 4 songs on the album to be live recordings, particularly because coughing sounds were left in the mix. However, Teusink explains, “I wanted to get the intensity of our live show or more like the energy of Atlanta house shows, but still have it different with effects and such kind of like hip hop. My friend, Dr. Conspiracy, helped me mix it and actually helped with the recorded composition of “Vegan Hunter”. The coughs…. I’m lazy and coughing sounds funny with a shit load of reverb. Haha, I’m really glad you noticed.”

The album was named after Teusink’s favorite malt beverage. He reveals, “I love the sweet elixir that is Colt 45 (seriously) probably a little too much, and a Malt Liquor Fantastrophe is the beauty that is birthed by getting too faded. Like getting real drunk and having a really sappy emotional conversation that you wouldn’t normally have, Continue reading “Moon Beams on: A.Grimes” »

The Chosen Ones: January 14-19, 2011

Atlanta is serving up something you’ll be craving after being home-bound by this week’s ice fiasco. If you’re looking to dance, get out to The Drunken Unicorn on Friday night to party with Pink Pompeii. Otherwise, you might be happy at Wonderroot with the gypsy-folk nuances of Christ, Lord and the beautiful voice of Adron.

If you’re in the mood for some melodic rock in the vein of Death Cab For Cutie, hit up The Highland Inn Ballroom on Saturday for some New Terminus. Need a dose of dark atmosphere in your music, head to The Earl Sunday night to stare at A.Grimes.

Embrace the feminine fortitude of three exceptional artists, Ladycop (Brooklyn), Lille, and Qurious at The Drunken Unicorn on Monday night for your MLK holiday. The Chosen Ones:

Friday, January 14 -

Pink Pompeii, Shortwave Society, 1880′s Dance Party $5, 21+, 9pm @ The Drunken Unicorn

The Long Shadows, Sleeping in the Aviary, The Mad Flight @ 529

Triple D’s Presents: Sovus Radio, All the Saints, The N.E.C. 9pm, $8, 21+ @ The Earl

Pool Party Taco Night Productions Presents: Ruby Velle Trio
Noot d’ Noot, A Fight To The Death, With Guest DJs:, Skooter, Cristo Disco, Hell, 8pm, $7 @ The Masquerade

Adron, “Christ, Lord“, Beau Victoria $5, 8pm @ Wonderroot

Saturday, January 15 -

Untied States, Aku You, Skin Jobs @ 529

OK Productions Presents: The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl), Julianna Barwick, Oryx and Crake (acoustic set), 9pm, $12 @ The Earl

Rock Science Records presents: A: The Color, New Terminus, Little Horn $7, 8:30pm, 21+ @ The Highland Inn Ballroom

Prisca, Frances Eagle, Ulrika, $8 Atlanta Room 8pm @ Smiths Olde Bar

The Head - Stockwood EP Pre-Release Party w/ Young Orchids, Adam Anzio 9pm, all ages, Vinyl at Center Stage

Odist and Graham Yoder @ North River Tavern

Sunday, January 16 -

A.Grimes, Hollow Stars, WIFE, 8pm, $5 @ The Earl

Monday, January 17 -

LadyCop, Lille, Qurious $8, 18+, 9pm @ The Drunken Unicorn

Weird Wives (members of Surfer Blood), Carnivores, Lyonnais, Shepards, 9pm, $5, 21+ @ 529

Tuesday, January 18 –

Washed Out, ANR, Soft Powers $10, 9pm @ The Drunken Unicorn

Bridget and the Squares, x_ray visionaries, marko, loudermilk & moon @ Wonderroot

Wednesday, January 20 –

Triple D’s presents: Tyvek, GG King, The Clap, $8, 21+ @ The Earl

Red Sea, Vegan Coke, The Humboldt Trio 10pm @ Eastside Lounge

Atlanta Sound Garden: Mix 1

Listen to 5 very different sounds from Atlanta bands that you should know.

Young Orchids

Nomen Novum (free download on website)

A.Grimes (free download on Bandcamp)

Siberia My Sweet

Atlanta Sound Garden: Mix 1 by themoonandpluto

An Atlanta Music Collective: Four4

Atlanta is brimming with musicians and they commonly run in the same circles, with band members that play in more than one band and friendly bands that team up on stage. Several music collectives have spawned based on this phenomenon. The collective acts as a springboard and support network for all the bands involved, and usually, but not necessarily emulate a common sound or genre. The Four4 Collective is such a super-group of Atlanta-based musical artisans.

Daniel Bailey of the band Free Ticket, which changed names to Searching For Something We Know Not What, only to go on indefinite hiatus, describes the Four4 Collective, “So many or our friends make music. Its all really nice. We have used the moniker “Four4 Collective” for a good while. We have become it.”

There are more than a handful of bands involved in this collective effort, and they mostly stem from the spacey, droning psych-rock arena of sound. Some are instrumental, while others are not.  Some revel in electronics, others are rather acoustic. There’s an enormous pool of talent here, with moody and penetrating compositions that are well worth your time for a listen.

The acts that take part in the Four4 Collective include:

Searching For Something We Know Not What (4, 3 or 28 piece love machine)
A. Grimes (four piece fright boat)
Faun and A Pan Flute (four Piece stat punk)
Solitude (solo acoustic)
Rattler Snake (solo dream cloud)
Easily Suede (solo electronic/sample/sex machine)
Anonime (3 piece rock ship)
MindWork (solo electronic)
David Gray (solo acoustic)
Carey (solo acoustic)

as well as former bands:

Red The Exploder (four piece drone jam)
Who Was King Midas? (solo acoustic) (name change=David Gray)
White Light Forest Choir (Six Piece glowing sand castle)
Free Ticket (four piece love machine) (name change= SFSWKNW)

Bailey reveals, “And whether they know it or not, The Back Pockets are going to get sucked in. They are almost 50% composed of us as it is.”

To get a taste for Four4 visit their Bandcamp site and their blog.