Strange Daze Artists 2010

Strange Daze Official Art Sponsor – Picaflor Studios

Picaflor Studio, Spanish for hummingbird, is the result of the city of Atlanta’s numerous and seemingly contradictory interests. Like our namesake, we dart from activity to activity — studio work space, by night a music venue and art gallery. At Picaflor we hope to create a space where wellness and diverse artistic media can overlap. It is our hope that this “cross-pollination” of activities will serve as a means of exposing different people with different talents to each other.

Here at Picaflor, we are excited about the opportunity to house so much of the city’s talent. Atlanta hosts a vibrant music scene, amazing visual artists, tons of hilarious stand-up comedians, great dance instructors and a wealth of truly brilliant yoga teachers. Our goal is to provide a space that nurtures creativity and body awareness while bringing artists from different communities together to share their own work as well as to share in the work of others.

Because of the difficulty surviving alone as an artist, musician, or yoga instructor, especially in light of the current economy, Picaflor aspires to collect all this movement under one roof for the purpose of sustaining a space where these things can thrive together.

The Art at Strange Daze

Strange Daze is not only a platform for the great local musical talent, but will also include the talent of many of Atlanta’s finest visual artists.  The festival will present these artists along with their works, which they will make available for purchase.  The art will include paintings, photography, jewelry, drawings, and more.

There will be opportunities for the guests to interact with the art at Strange Daze with photo booths set up by local photographers, canvases set up for live art, and other craft-type activities to get people absorbed into the creative essence of art.

Meet some of the artists you’ll find at Strange Daze:

Erin Duncan – Jewelry

I design and create necklaces and rings. I got tired of only finding tiny necklaces in mute colors or handmade necklaces that were way out of my prices range, so I decided to start making my own designs of brightly colored, sometimes oversized, unique, and affordable items. I hand paint all my items, I love making custom items, and I love coming up with new ideas. Most of my items either have a hand painted image or a detailed charm on the front and all have some sort of interesting setting for the base.

Cindy Sheffield Michaels – Photography

Cindy Sheffield Michaels’s photography is abstract, usually with striking colors and simple shapes. Often the photographs are macro images of ordinary objects, but because the photographs are taken so close to the object the object’s identity becomes a mystery and the image instead shows viewers that beauty can be found all around us – even in the ordinary.

Ponder Wonder – East Atlanta

Ponder Wonder is a Gallery Boutique in East Atlanta Village that showcases local and national artist, designers, spoken word artist and more.


Adeline Andrews – Paintings

My work is large, colorful, and all on hand built canvas. My newest series is about movement and change- it includes many birds and winged images.  I have a mixture of oil on canvas and panel as well as acrylic that I would like to bring.  I would love to be a part of Strange Daze because I feel the importance of art and music is something that should not be overlooked and forgotten and I believe this is a wonderful way of keeping its spirit alive.

Bang! Arts Marketing and Promotions

Bang! Arts Management and Promotions is an arts ambassador for both visual and performing artists. The goal is simple: to get your band heard, to get your art seen, to get you out of your garage and into the community!

Bang! Arts Management and Promotions is a design and marketing company that works with small companies in the metro-Atlanta area. We can help your company develop and implement branding and logos,design that new website complete with back-line programming, promotional materials, press releases, email communications and research and development for that new product line you have been wanting to launch. We work collaboratively with each of our clients from the planning stage all the way through the implementation stage.

For more information, please contact us at deisha[at] or josh(at)

Jennifer Swizenski – Paintings

My art is a journey that takes the veiwer to the subconscious and state of dreams. I believe in the human emotion and feel it’s timeless and universal, it’s not male or female, black or white. There is no limits to what we are and how we feel. I let my subconscious run free with no limits or even thought. This helps me engender landscapes and characters that are inspired by the moment. Also heavily influence by music and sometimes it becomes the subject. I use anything I can get my hands on to make my work ranging from oil pastels, pencil, clay, to photoshop. Hope you enjoy.

Angelyn Pass – Light Boxes and Jewelry Maker


Company Overview:
Glaik (pronounced “glāk”) is an archaic Scottish word with two very different meanings, describing either the transience of a glance or a complete fool. Glāk Love fits both definitions, finding inspiration in falling completely, head over heels, sometimes foolishly in love with a single, transient moment.

This collection of jewelry and light boxes are made from film negatives, some over 25 years old, to form new images.

Jewelry, Light Boxes, Commission

Lillian Kline – Ceramics

My work is very expressive and carefree; in my pottery I like to experiment with the combination of generally classic, simple forms and nonchalant, imprecise glazing.  My sculptural work has grown somewhat more chaotic and tends to be vessel-based.  Working with clay is a chance for me to escape the seemingly constant need for perfection in the real world, thus I feel that my work is about embracing imperfections both in form and in glazing, because it’s always the “happy accidents” that turn out to be the most beautiful.

Shaheed “Heed” Smith- Mixed Media Art

Shaheed “Heed” Smith is from Atlanta, GA by way of Boston, MA. Heed specializes in mixed media art, incorporating miscellaneous items from bullet shells to black lights to old rotted wooden doors and windows. This local artist is guaranteed to appease any taste with an array of styles from his Abstract collection, Black Light Collection, his elements of beauty collection, and his Genesis Collection. Heed crosses all mediums from acrylics to oil paint, to markers and colored pencils. When purchasing a Heed Original you are not only purchasing a picture you are purchasing an experience!

s dot jewelry designs – Allison Hickey

Jewelry artist Allison Hickey moved to the Atlanta area in November 2009 and is thrilled to be included in Atlanta’s thriving art and fashion scene. She gains inspiration for the jewelry she creates from beautiful fabrics, unique people and interesting places she has visited. All of Allison’s designs are unique and crafted solely from 14 kt filled gold, solid sterling silver, solid copper, and the finest stones, crystals and glass. s dot jewelry designs is named for Allison’s four fabulous pets with “s” names!

House of 8 Art by Edward Sims

Edward Sims is a local mixed media artist that provides an eclectic collection of art based on thoughts and ideas that come from life experiences and a over active imagination. His work has been described as “bright colorful childlike pop art ” and ” dark gothic outsider art”. There truly is something for everyone.

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