Strange Daze Festival 2010

The Strange Daze Festival brings you a diverse collection of music and art from Atlanta on August 14 and 15 at The Masquerade.  The festival features the impassioned dance beats of FishHawk, Stokeswood, Sealions, and Jungol, along with the electronic fortitude of SlowEarth.  The heavier and darker music is represented by the ethereal Telestrion, Before the Solstice, and Dead Rabbits, while the experimental rock is issued by Vegan Coke, Mice in Cars, The Humboldt Trio, and It’s Elephants.

Strange Daze will also feature the punk rock antics of The K-Macks, Unseen Stimuli, Hip to Death, and The Bloodplums, in juxtaposition to and in harmony with the savory power-pop/alternative of Winter Ransom, I Said I Said, Romeo Spike, theDolldaze, and the straight no-bull-shit rock from Verge of Bliss.

With the indie rock of Cinetrope and Lesbian Afternoon, the surreal experience of Free Ticket and White Light Forest Choir, the acoustic radiance of Anne Harper, McNary, and Neil Cribbs, dance-rock fusion from Detroit Mutant Radio, and an injection of southern country-folk from Rolling Nowhere and Efren, the Strange Daze Festival consists of a splendid array of music across a spectrum of genres with impressive originality as the common denominator.

Strange Daze also offers the opportunity to interact with many local artists. Picaflor Studios, East Atlanta’s Ponder Wonder Gallery Boutique, and Bang! Arts Marketing and Promotions will be showcased at the festival, along with many other artists.  Painters include Aesthetic Cataclysm, Cyan Jenkins, Joseph Lazarri, Adeline Andrews, and Judas Moon.  Jewelery designs by Erin Duncan, Laura Rook, Angelyn Pass, and Allison Hickey will be available, as well as ceramic pottery from Lillian Kline and mixed media art from Heed Smith and Edward Sims.  Photographers Amber Fouts and Cindy Sheffield Michaels will also be presenting their work, and finally the art of Tarot Card reading will be available from Psychic Malina.

Strange Daze Music and Arts Festival by themoonandpluto

Strange Daze Video – Hear what the bands playing the festival think!

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