Record Review: Shathouse Rats ‘Blood On Yer Shoes’

Dark, raw, and sinister, Shathouse Rats puts a bluesy spin on dixie-tinged garage rock, laden with psychedelic reverb, a raging organ, and the essence of  untamed voodoo rock. Blood on Yer Shoes is a thoroughly uninhibited 6-song experience that comforts the dark corners of your soul, inviting you to dance with your demons without fear of getting “blood on your shoes.”

“Roshambo” explodes as the opening track, like a ferocious climax, with Matt Shat’s unrelenting energy spewing forth through savage vocals, while the keyboard swells and swirls between prominent, deep bass lines and a steadying tambourine. “Die Alone” begins to slow, just enough to maintain a sonic haze, while thunder roars in the background of Shat chanting, “No matter where you go, you’re going to die alone.” The moody and somber, “Stomp Splatter Spew” revels in the shadows of love, lamenting on a black soul and bloody hearts splattering, in the most touching way. The last track, “Two For the Show” closes out the album with the same amplified, psycho energy with which it began and a powerful guitar riff complimented by a ruthless rhythm section.

Shathouse Rats delivers a rawness in their recordings, creating atmosphere, nostalgia, and excitement all at once. I highly recommend giving them a listen.

Nadia Lelutiu

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