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Reviews written for Industrial Strength Promotions

Record Review: Charges – ‘Consequentialist Communique’

If the title of Charges’ 4-song 7”, Consequentialist Communique, gives off the vibe that you’ve got something coming to you, the music doesn’t disappoint. The consequence you face is an assault of brazen punk rock that benefits from an injection of 60’s-style psychedelic overtones, created by the resolute use of a Farfisa organ and Rhodes piano.

Imagine The Door’s keyboardist playing with Rancid and you get a feel for Charges. Vocalist Mick Winters emits brash and gritty vocals, with curt charisma full of conviction and stamina. The interchange between prominent, fast-paced bass lines and crashing cymbals, infused with fuzzy, spiraling keys reinforce Winters’ stronghold on the listener. The result is a gripping and relentless record that never slows down long enough to let go. Continue reading “Record Review: Charges – ‘Consequentialist Communique’” »

The Falcon Lords Will Save Your (Mundane) Day

Review of Straight From the Center of Their Volcano Lair

Obsessed with all superheroes, my six year old once asked me, “Do any superheroes live here?” Now, I can assure him that they do! They are The Falcon Lords!

On their debut album, Straight From the Center of Their Volcano Lair, Lord Falconhorn, Lord Falcon Falconrod III, and Lady Falcon Flame lay down the beats and rhymes centered on their efforts to thwart evil in Falcon City. This is a dance album, from start to finish, with grooves and hooks more potent than kryptonite. Starting with “Falcon Surprise,” The Falcon Lords lure you into their comic book realm, Continue reading “The Falcon Lords Will Save Your (Mundane) Day” »

Author’s Apology – Better Left There Review

Unapologetic rock-n-roll

A nostalgic quality permeates Author’s Apology’s new album, Better Left There. The songs are crafted in a story-telling manner, while the music provides the ride back through time to invoke scenes from the past and feelings long forgotten. The album serves as the radiant soundtrack to a cherished past, and prompts reminiscing on those lazy days of summer, laughing with friends, or even those wild and carefree road trips to the beach. Perhaps this is why the album was so named, though it’s difficult to discern whether the days past are “better left there,” or if life was once so good, you’d be “better left there.” In either case, Author’s Apology delivers Continue reading “Author’s Apology – Better Left There Review” »

Review of Grand Prize Winners From Last Year’s The Last Night of The Earth Poems

Uncompromising and genuine hip hop that defies expectations

Unafraid of themselves or anyone who might be listening, Grand Prize Winners From Last Year cut loose on a hip hop album that shines with funk, rock, synth, and most of all limitless personality! The band’s latest album, The Last Night of The Earth Poems, plays on an energy-driven, charisma-saturated wave of effervescent tracks that keep the beat up and the lame down! As a whole, the songs draw from elements of Outkast, Basement JaxPicture 3.pngx, Justin Timberlake, and N.E.R.D., but these comparisons can only be made on the surface, because GPWFLY inject a hefty dose of unabashed character as they Continue reading “Review of Grand Prize Winners From Last Year’s The Last Night of The Earth Poems” »