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Moon Beams on: A.Grimes

Here’s a band I hope doesn’t dissolve: A. Grimes – the sooty tones, the psych-experimentation, the murky vocals, the reverb and dingy ambiance, or as band leader, Britt Teusink denotes, “the art of being scum or a literal ‘Grimes’.” There may have never been a band name to so aptly embody the sound and essence of it’s members. These songs resurrect the 1970′s anarchist spirit in fresh form that melds feisty, natural, disorder,¬† primitive, and avant-garde.

Teusink started a band called White Light Forest Choir just a year or two ago, and that band parted ways last summer. He’s also been a guitarist in Back Pockets, but with their touring schedule and the focus on A. Grimes, he’s also said goodbye to them, admitting, “I’m still deeply in love with those gypsy art unicorns.” Hopefully, we won’t see the A. Grimes project perish, with the great potential it has even in the band’s infancy.

Malt Liquor Fantastrophe is the first EP from A. Grimes, recorded over the course of 5 days in Teusink’s basement. One could easily mistake¬† the 4 songs on the album to be live recordings, particularly because coughing sounds were left in the mix. However, Teusink explains, “I wanted to get the intensity of our live show or more like the energy of Atlanta house shows, but still have it different with effects and such kind of like hip hop. My friend, Dr. Conspiracy, helped me mix it and actually helped with the recorded composition of “Vegan Hunter”. The coughs…. I’m lazy and coughing sounds funny with a shit load of reverb. Haha, I’m really glad you noticed.”

The album was named after Teusink’s favorite malt beverage. He reveals, “I love the sweet elixir that is Colt 45 (seriously) probably a little too much, and a Malt Liquor Fantastrophe is the beauty that is birthed by getting too faded. Like getting real drunk and having a really sappy emotional conversation that you wouldn’t normally have, Continue reading “Moon Beams on: A.Grimes” »

Moon Beams on: Imagination Head

Imagination Head musically sticks to their moniker, with heady concepts and imaginative compositions that teeter between nostalgia and destiny. Any fan of Built to Spill or The Shins, or even Cake, will want to hear Imagination Head. Their indie palette, created by acoustic and electric guitars, keyboard, xylophone, flute and rich vocal harmonies, is at once accessible and unique, weaving a dreamy undertone to peppy melodies or injecting dark country tones to an otherwise buoyant atmosphere. The paradoxes within the music are at once amusing and alluring.

The band’s second full-length album, On/Off, recorded at the Wonderroot studio, is set for release on January 29. Band founder, J.R. Wicker touches on the theme of the album, revealing, “A lot of themes on On/Off circle around my ideas of what the future may resemble if modern life continues on the track it’s on.” He continues by quoting “Tomorrow’s Garden”, Continue reading “Moon Beams on: Imagination Head” »