Atlanta Sound Garden: Mix 3 The Female Voice

This edition of Atlanta Sound Garden is dedicated to the female voice of Atlanta music. The song selections feature female vocalists in tropical indie, ambient pop, punk-tinged experimental metal, and electronic dance.

Adron accomplishes a lush layering of chimerical atmosphere, including bird whistles, waves, and other textures, on “Timid Young Ones,” with her rich, intoxicating voice soaring above it all. Her latest release, Burdwurld is a five song escapade into enchantment and down rabbit holes. Download it for free from her website.

Vocalist, Lindsey Harbour, of Thy Mighty Contract, has the rare ability to sound sweet and sick, in the same song. I adore “Two Cities” for the deceitful bounciness at the start of the track, which soon gives way to quick, erratic drumming that leads into the angst-ridden screams of Harbour, who bleeds out with no remorse, over raging guitars, before the melody finds its way back. Get their self-titled album for free on BandCamp.

Atlanta Sound Garden: Mix 3 The Female Voice by themoonandpluto

The undertone of Nerdkween‘s song,”Let Me Go,” from Profitandloss, is equally melancholy and grievous, even as the lighthearted melody might suggest serenity, especially since Monica Arrington’s voice could soothe the grumpiest among us. The instrumentation on the track is minimal, featuring only a guitar and distant tambourine, heightening the magnificence of the vocals. Nerdkween will be playing at Carroll Street Cafe on Monday, February 7.

La Chansons recently released a remix of “X Marks The Spot” off their 2010 album, King and Queen of the Dance Floor via Stickfigure Recordings. Carson Keller seductively shapes the melody on the remix, called “Read the Map,” as the electronic beats and loops create a dismal¬† and penetrating dance track. Between the groove and sway of the rhythm and Carson’s enticing voice, you’ll be having fun.

“Tall Shoulders” is an airy little track from Lille, off of the 2010 debut release by the same name via Whale Heart Records. With sparse keyboard tinkles accentuating a mellow ukulele, Grace Bellury concocts a daydream in which her stunning crooning guides you deeper into tranquility. Having recently opened up for The Dresden Dolls at The Buckhead Theatre, Lille is set to mesmerize beyond the local sphere.

Nadia Lelutiu

Atlanta Sound Garden: Mix 2 – Unreleased Tracks From 3 Atlanta Bands

This week, Atlanta Sound Garden presents some new sounds from steadfast Atlanta artists.

Pink Pompeii will be releasing a new album in 2011 called De Rigeuer. The band includes members that were once in The Holland Dutch and an acoustic act called Da Dum. There are two major reasons I love Pink Pompeii; dance and cello. Listen to “Dark Cloud” to understand what I mean. The electronic dance groove is amplified by a cello gone mad! The band’s sound could easily be likened to Blondie, infused with Beethoven (both of which are cited as musical influences).

The second track comes from Damon Moon and The Whispering Drifters, who has released a new album this year called The Holy Noise, but the track featured here is actually from an EP set for release on January 28 called Snowed In Sessions. This will be an entire album of song renditions, of which I’ve been given Hank William’s “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” to share with you. The original version is barely recognizable, as Moon transforms the song with a dream-state intensity, chock-full of hazy reverb and disquietude. The band is currently set to go on tour (as usual), and will make Snowed In Sessions available for free download during the duration of their winter road trek. They start things off at The Drunken Unicorn on January 29.

Balkans will be releasing a full-length album in May of this year, but until then the band will be offering up a 7″ single featuring “Edita V” and a B-side, “Cave,” which will be available via Double Phantom Records on February 22. With garage/punk rock at their core, the track offers up the sound that made me once fall in love with Joy Division, while standing apart from comparison with their own crisp guitar hooks behind frantic and emotive vocals. The track is packed full of sound, with mesmerizing guitar interplay and a vicious snare drum pacing the manic nature of the melody. Just go ahead and set it on repeat.

Atlanta Sound Garden: Mix 2 by themoonandpluto

Atlanta Sound Garden: Mix 1

Listen to 5 very different sounds from Atlanta bands that you should know.

Young Orchids

Nomen Novum (free download on website)

A.Grimes (free download on Bandcamp)

Siberia My Sweet

Atlanta Sound Garden: Mix 1 by themoonandpluto